Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scrum Breakfast June: Agile Management

Radical Management, or a New Work Paradigm?

Today, some companies are wildly successful at creating value and excitement for their customers. You can see it in the stock prices of companies like Apple, Google, or Salesforce.com. Other companies are doing more to destroy value than to create it. These companies die slowly or become the subjects of government bailouts.

What is the difference between these two classes of company? A pattern is emerging. Successful companies are embracing practices and principles of Agile and Scrum and failing companies are sticking to traditional command and control. The successful companies are energized, pleasant places to work.

How can your company embrace agile values at the management level? How can you create an environment conducive to creativity and continuous improvement? How can you transform your company in to a more competitive organization (and have more fun while working)?

As readers of this blog know, next week I'll be at the Washington Gathering on revolutionizing the world of work. I expect to bring back many good ideas on building bridges between agility and management. 

This exchange seeks to build the bridge between agility and management and offer models for an agile organization. My goal is for each of us to leave the room with ideas for how to make our companies better, more creative environments.

Where: SwissICT
When: 1.June 2011, 8 to 11am
Registration via SwissICT