Sunday, February 27, 2011

Radical Management Gathering

Revolutionizing The World of Work

When I talk to large organizations about Scrum, I frequently hear "this is great, but what do we do in fields like hardware development or pharmaceuticals, where we can't produce potentially shippable product every thirty days?" Radical Management provides an interesting answer while building on the strengths of Scrum, Agile and Lean:
The purpose of work is to delight your customers. 
So "delivering" every Sprint means something other than delivering a good or service in a finished state. It means delivering an increment of Delight to your customers.

This May, Steve Denning (The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management) and Seth Kahan (Getting Change Right) will be hosting a two day gathering where "coolness, innovation and serious fun intersect." And I am proud to be a Practice Partner!

We want people who are tired of a world in which people are being treated as things, where employees are seen as “human resources” and customers are seen as “demand” that has to be manufactured.

We are offering here more than a set of tools. We are seeking to create a state of mind that starts with a change of heart.

This is about locating that sweet spot where coolness, innovation and serious fun intersect. The fact that it also happens to be ultra efficient and productive is another big plus, because that means that the economics will drive it forward.

This is about creating stuff that people must have. And in the process, we stop wasting time on stupid things, spinning wheels, going through useless routines, attending management prayer meetings and spending endless amounts of time and energy on second-guessing what the boss wants.

I hope that you will join us! Check out Steve Denning's blog for more information or jump straight to registration...



    Reto said...

    A blog covering customer/user satisfaction has -sadly- stopped long ago: Creating passionate users from Kathy Sierra -

    Peter said...

    Hi Reto, I looked at this, and it was clear that some bad things were happening, but it wasn't really clear what happened. Can you give us a synopsis?