Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Join Steve and Peter's Monthly Mashup

Making the whole organization agile.

Join Steve Denning and Peter Stevens for their web-based MONTHLY MASHUP* call-in show on MAKING THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION AGILE. It's for:
  • Agile leaders and coaches wanting to convert the entire organization to Agile,
  • Business leaders needing to understand Agile management or achieve continuous innovation, 
  • Public sector leaders seeking the agility to “do more for less”, and 
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to grow their startups without losing agility.
Fed up with hierarchy and bureaucracy?  Want your organization to be more agile? In this interactive call-in show, share with us your biggest challenge in making your organization more agile and we’ll brainstorm with you to see what can be done about it.

Learn about the issues that others are facing and what you can do about the issues you face.

We’ll discuss what's involved in acquiring the breakthrough capabilities involved in making the entire organization agile.

Got a question for us to answer 'on the air?' Email me peter at or tweet it with #rmweb.

Got a problem? Like to learn more? This is your opportunity! BTW - it's free!

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*What's a mashup? A mashup is a creative combination or mixing of content from different sources. You, me, Steve, the web, other participants...

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