Monday, November 1, 2010

CSM/Advanced - Reloaded

For the next CSM/Advanced course, Andreas Schliep & I have refocused this course, in particular clarifying -- or should I say "raising" -- the prerequisites and tuning the course content so that only experienced Scrum users come to the course.

The CSM/Advanced course is an opportunity for experienced ScrumMasters and Product Owners to solidify their understanding of Scrum, improve their skills and explore advanced topics. Unlike our CSM/Jumpstart, no time is spent "spoon feeding" the basics of Scrum.

Participants are expected to a have a good understanding of Scrum and practical experience applying Scrum. Unlike most CSM Courses, the CSM/Advanced focuses on the participants role as an agent of change in their organizations. CSM/Advanced is ideal for experienced Scrum professionals who want to improve their ability to apply Scrum to challenging real-life situations.

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