Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lean Leadership with Tom & Mary Poppendieck

I am again pleased to sponsor the Lean Agile Scrum Conference in Zurich and to enable a workshop led by important thought leaders in our domain.

Just after the conference, Keynote speakers Mary & Tom Poppendieck will offer their new course in Switzerland, Leading Lean Software Development. Lean Software Development combines two successful approaches to management: "Lean" -- well known for its impact in the manufacturing sector (and familiar to management through their business school training) -- and Agile -- which, especially in the form of Scrum and despite unfamiliar terminology and guiding principles, has become quite widespread in the software sector.

In this management retreat at the idyllic Seminar Hotel Unterhof on the Rhine, leaders will learn why "Results are not the point." Success comes from people, and creating a system so that your people can achieve successful results is the point.

Special Early Bird Pricing:

Conference participants will get a 10% discount once the program is announced and conference registrations are open. If you register before then, you qualify for a special 25% discount. See the Course Description for details or just Register now.