Sunday, December 20, 2009

Free Scrum Resources in Switzerland

If you want to find out about Scrum, but a course or coaching is not the right solution for you, what can you do?
"The Doctor is In" - Free Scrum Advice

At the next Scrum Breakfast in Zürich, I want to try out something I saw (and had great fun with) at the last Scrum Gathering in Munich: Free confidential coaching from volunteers. 'The Doctor is In'.

Coaches will be able to volunteer their time and Coach-ees will be able to sign up with a topic they want coaching on. There will be three 20 minute slots from 10am to 11am. I will commit to doing one slot (but no more! I want to leave the field open to anybody who feels qualified.) The next Scrum Breakfast will be a beta test, and if it proves to popular we'll keep doing it.

Did I miss anything? If you know of something I forgot, please submit a comment & I will update the article.