Friday, February 13, 2009

Swiss Lean Agile Scrum Event: Call for Participation

Mark your calendars: Zurich, June 4. 2009. Under the motto of 'Beyond the Hype, Agile in Practice', the SwissICT Lean Agile Scrum Group is organizing its first agile project management conference in Zürich.

In the morning we plan to hold introductory workshops  'Scrum 101', 'Lean 101' and 'XP 101'. In the afternoon, the conference will have two tracks dedicated to reports from people - managers, project leaders, developers, coaches, etc. - with actual experience will Lean or Agile Software projects. Experience, good or bad, positive or negative, management or technical, success or ... whatever,  with all flavors of Lean and Agile software methodologies are welcome: XP, Scrum, Scrum-ban, Crystal... if it's lean or agile, it's welcome, but we're looking for honest reports on real projects.

The event is basically a full day event. Our target is 100 participants, but how many will come? Well, that depends on how good you talks are ;-)

How to submit a proposal for a talk

Please follow the guidelines from Call for Participation: Talks for the Scrum Breakfast. Each talk is 45 minutes. The preferred language is German, but English is also acceptable. Please submit your proposal in the language you plan to hold the talk. All speakers get free admission to the conference.

If you would like to lead a '101' workshop

Please send us a proposal with course outline. The total duration is 90 minutes (excluding breaks). We do plan a somewhat more than symbolic compensation (but don't expect to earn a living on it ;-) ).

Please send your proposal to beyondhype-submission (at) sierra-charlie (dot) com. Deadline for submission is March 15, 2009.