Sunday, June 15, 2008

Results: Quick Poll on Scrum Training Needs

Last week's Quick Poll on Scrum Training Needs produced a lot of interest. The poll was divided into 4 sections. The 31 repondants voted on:
  1. What kinds of courses are needed?
  2. What advanced topics are needed?
  3. What language do they what the training in?
  4. What location/kind of course do they want?
Given the number of participants, I would not call this anything like a representative sample (and strickly speaking, an internet poll cannot be representative). Still...

The Certified Scrum Master Training seems to be well accepted among Scrum practioners. 48% of the respondants expressed a need for certified training. Scrum training however is expensive, and almost as many — 42% — felt the need for lower cost training (or at least would accept non certified training). Advanced topics (with out specifying which ones) and Getting Started courses were desired by only 26% of the respondants.

Under the advanced topics, (and more people checked these boxes than said they needed "advanced topics") Agile Planning and Estimating was the clear favorite: 48%, followed by Agile Contracting at distant 2nd — 42% —, followed by XP and Lean Workshops for Management (19% and 16%).

Interestingly, it seems the need for onsite training is larger than for open courses (or perhaps the demand for open courses is sufficiently satisfied): 35% wanted company courses, 19% each wanted open courses and webinars. Podcasts must be considered exotic with only 9% wanting podcasts.

The questions on language were interesting. The percentage wanting training in German was virtually identical to the % of visits coming from German speaking countries. The percentage wanting some other language was the same as the number coming from other non english speaking countries. Surprise.

On the other hand, 54% said English would be OK I suspect this result is a bit self-selecting, because this blog is written in English....

@jp - would you like to run this poll in german on your site?

One the whole, the demand looks healthy, particularly for on site training and training in local languages. (And Scrum Trainers know what they have to do to improve their training offerings...)

Next week, I want to revisit the poll on managment tools from January 2007.


jp said...

Hi Peter,

oh yes, i COULD do it, but i have an better idea: Would'nt it be great if you could post the german version of this post on my blog? As guest blogger? I can give you an helping hand for spelling and writing...

Cheers, jp

Peter said...

It's deal. Send me an invite :-)