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Finding orientation in a chaotic world

The 6th question of Personal Agility is "Who can help?" and now I know why.

A few weeks ago, Maria Matarelli (my partner in the Personal Agility Institute and on the book) observed to me, "Peter, it's obvious you haven't been doing Personal Agility for a while. Maybe you would be better at mastering your current challenges if you did."

Man! I had to chew on that one for awhile. She was right of course. This is what a good coach does. A good coach helps you see the reality of your situation so you can act effectively. A good coach brings the truth of the matter to the surface.

Today, I came back to my Priorities Map. I decided to start with a clean slate. What is the first question to ask, even before you start with the 6 questions? Why?

Why am I doing Personal Agility? What is the change in me that I am trying to achieve that I am not able to do now? In my case, I feel like I have potential that I am not realizing. I want to realize my potential.

This over…

How are we responding to the Corona Virus for our upcoming Scrum classes

Scrum for Hardware Expert and WIKISPEED founder Joe Justice has confirmed that he is coming to Switzerland next week to teach the XM Extreme Manufacturing workshop. I am looking forward to a great workshop that opens your eyes to new possibilities. The COVID Virus is indeed making a big mess of everyone's plans. Why are we holding the class anyway? (Scroll past the graphic for the answer).
To make the March workshops more attractive, we are offering a special discount. Use the coupon code WhatsSpecialinMarch for an additional 20% discount an all our courses in Zurich in March (XM, CSM, CSPO). For course listing and registration, click here.
Based on what we have learned about how the virus spreads, who it affects, what the impact is, we believe it is still reasonable to be holding the classes. We are watching the situation, and if that changes, we will react appropriately. 
Here is the statement we sent to our students to explain why we believe this and what we will do to mitigat…