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Is your agile transition building a train but ignoring the track?

Every development effort produces two results. The first result is obvious – that is the product or service you are trying to create. The other is more easily overlooked: the development effort also produces a team that creates the product or service, and the organization around that team.

Today, many companies use Scrum and other agile frameworks in their development teams to build better products. But do they use these same techniques to create higher performance organizations? Mostly they don't. Even some frameworks for “scaling agile” don't really address how the leadership improves the effectiveness of the organization.

With the right relationship between development team and leadership you can dramatically improve your ability to create good products quickly. To understand this relationship, and how the Scrum Team and the various Scrum roles should interact with the rest of the organization, let's look at two examples of modern train systems: the DLR in London and …

How to be effective in an online meeting

For years now, I have been leading online meetings for the Leadership Circle, the Aspiring Ambassadors of Scrum and of course many sprint plannings and reviews. How to we get good results out of the meetings. The following tips are so useful, I now put them in every meeting invite.

Some suggestions for an effective online meeting:

Block the 15 minutes before the event so you can get away from your previous meeting and get the technology set up (camera, headphones, making sure you can start zoom and access trello ).Plan to sit in a quiet place with good internet access and power for your device(s). Ensure that you have front-lighting so people can see your face. If you are using some tools to share the agenda or discussion points (jira, trello, google docs or office online), enter your topics and update your cards before the meeting starts, so your time together can focus on our discussing the topics, not entering the data.
My guess is these give us an extra 15 minutes of useful time i…