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Lowest prices for Scrum Training

Why do you want to teach your team Scrum? From a company's perspective,  one answer dominates: better results, faster. I spent much of last year talking to my customers about this goal, why it is so hard to achieve, and how can I better help my customers achieve this goal.

Watch my Lightning Talk: 10 Things Your Management Needs to Know About Scrum and Agile
I have designed new services and new price options to better support you on your Agile voyage, including what I believe is the lowest published price for a 3 day Certified Scrum Master Training in Switzerland.

How can I help you to achieve these goals:
Get Stuff Done: Certified Scrum MasterGet the Right Stuff Done: Certified Scrum Product OwnerCreate Alignment: Personal Agility / Leadership AgilityCultivate the Agile Mindset: Achieving Performance through Agility You can get help and support from me and other practitioners through my online mentoring program: Achieving Performance Through Agility ("APA"): Group Mentor…