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10 Things to tell Management about Scrum and Agile

I was recently asked, "what does management need to know about Scrum?" Here is my answer, in 10 bullet points:
Market forces are driving shifts in how leadership leadsScrum is a simple, team-based, “Agile” framework for solving complex problemsYou can probably get twice the value in half the time through ScrumChanging for better performance seems obvious but requires a huge shift in your culture Only apply Scrum if you are prepared to make the necessary changes to get better performanceAgile is a mindset not a toolset, nor a religionThe transition to Agile is an investmentShared goals and the ability to agree on priorities are key success factorsStart with a concrete project and follow quickly with your leadership teamYou can do all the stuff you did before, like budgeting and scheduling, just differently (and probably better).
Edit: updated to reflect that Agile is neither a toolset nor a religion.

Agile is spreading, and management will be the last to know

A few months ago, I watch a stunning video about how bacteria overcome antibiotics. It's stunning how fast the adaptation can occur! I believe agility is transforming the world of work in a similar way. I believe top management is most resistant.

It is stunning how quickly bacteria overwhelm the antibiotics. In just 12 days, E. Coli bacteria can adapt to survive in an environment that has 1000x the concentration of antibiotics which would kill the bacteria at the beginning of the process. The bacteria adapt constantly - they are agile! Antibiotics adapt very slowly - in this case, not at all. So I guess that makes them waterfall if the agile counterpart is fast enough.
How bacteria overcome antibiotics
Jurgen Apello recently assembled a list of Agile Models, Methods and Movements. As I write this, there are 150 entries in the list. At least 25, and perhaps as many as 50 of them are not about software. There are methods for Product Innovation, Building Cars, Education and Schools,…