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Looking for an Agile Developer

As Product Owner for the Scrum Breakfast Club, I want an Agile software developer,  At the Scrum Breakfast Club, our goal is to enable people and companies to become Agile. We need some software to help us make that happen. How do you find an Agile Developer?

When I have looked for a development partner in the past, I have always started what skills, passion and personality am I looking for.

First, let's talk about what this project is not:
This is not about creating a pretty website. This is about building the pipes between the various components. If the following points describe you, we would like to talk to you (must): We need to be able communicate in English. (I have tried working through an interpreter, but I have not found it to work well).Our basic flow is Scrum and we do short sprints. We are not dogmatic, but we want to produce working software at least once per week. We would like you to know what Agile is about before we start.Our Product Owner cares about quality and r…

Working toward Personal Scrum v.0.2

I have had a lot of great discussions around my post on Personal Scrum, and in the meantime, I have collected some hands-on experience. Four weeks later, what has changed? What's working well, and what still needs improvement?
What's gotten better since last month?I was ready without drama to go to the Scrum GatheringI have published a blog entry every week, something I've wanted to do but haven't done in years.I followed up on my courses and Scrum Breakfast Club meetings promptly.I succeeded in making a major revision in my CSM materials, something I've wanted to do for years. More generally, I am able to set and accomplish medium term goals.I pushed back and said no to something that would have been a lot of work and little value.I went for a 30 minute walk during the day.I have time to waste on youtube and reddit. (Ask me about where we might find life in the solar system or some fan-made Star Trek films worth watching!) It seems like this is mostly working. Th…

When should you apply Scrum?

... and when not? I was really surprised to discover it is not easy to find an answer this question. Let's look at what Scrum is, then look at when Scrum is appropriate and when not.
What is Scrum? Scrum is a simple, team-based framework for solving complex problems. Scrum is modelled on successful patterns for product development as identified in "The New New Product Development Game". I would summarize these patterns as follows:

Inspect and Adapt at regular intervalsProduce something that might be valuable for your customer at regular intervalsOne voice speaks for the customerAn interdisciplinary team solves the whole problemA coach helps everybody involved to get betterManagement provides direction and support, and knows when it's best to stay out of the way How is scrum different than traditional approaches? The principles of traditional management might be summarized as follows: Define a plan, follow the planCheck progress against milestonesMaximize utilization o…

What's a good spike?

Problem: Our forum has some unpleasant limitations. In particular, pasting formatted text into a forum post from Outlook (and possibly other sources) produces weird and wonderful results: the HTML gets converted so you don't see formatted text, you see the raw HTML A bit annoying.  So we decided to do a spike to evaluate an alternative:
spike: evaluate TinyMCE / other options for editing text in forum We got to the end of the evaluation, and as PO, I had more questions at the end of this evaluation than at the beginning! Why?

I think the answer can be found in the title of the spike. What's wrong with this title? First, it starts with an verb in the imperative. "Team, do this" It is not an invitation to think. Second how do we know if the we have satisfied the objective? It doesn't really say. It just says 'evaluate.'

Here's an improvement:
spike: can we eliminate our copy/paste problems by using TinyMCE? By formulating the spike as a question, it be…