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10 tips for doing Scrum when you're decentralized, part-time or doing other stuff you're not supposed to do

How do you use Scrum when you're
integrating existing packages, not developing softwaredeploying a visual designworking with a decentralized teamworking with a part-time team? The new Scrum Breakfast Club portal is based on Wordpress and who knows how many plugins. My part-time "team" and I have been working on this project for about 6 months. Calling us a team might be a bit optimistic, because we were:
5 part-time people, located in two countries (6 hours apart)working no more than 40% on the projectworking for five different companies, andonly 2 people have been involved for the entire project. Despite these obstacles, we did produce a cool product (IMHO) and we enjoy working together (also IMHO)!

As we have gone through process of creating Wordpress-based web presences using Scrum, I have learned a couple lessons which I will carry forward.
Produce something that works every week. This is a wonderful constraint which prevents both individuals and the project as a whole…