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Is your Scrum User Group really a user group?

Ken Schwaber recently chided the Scrum Alliance for having a trademark on the term "Scrum User Group." Man! There is something about the way divorced couples can fight forever through their kids. I'd like to ignore the couple for a moment, and talk about the children: What is the state of user groups in the Scrum and Agile community?

After a period of working too hard, I have been able to attend a few user group meetings this year. A couple of patterns have stood out for me. Patterns that don't feel right, but maybe I am exaggerating? Do you recognise any of these?
The user group is associated with an agile consultancy.The user group event starts with some promotion of said consultancy.The user group doesn't have a website or even a meet-up page.The user group website is mostly promoting high-value courses.Membership is free (just sign up for our mailing list).The user group event is mostly attended by beginners The only really experienced Agilist present is the …

What powerful questions does Scrum help you answer?

The video on powerful questions made me think about the deeper purpose of the various Scrum activities. Can I formulate Scrum as a series of Powerful Questions to be general enough, that they might be useful outside of software development? Here is the image I came up with and below are the questions I think each of the Scrum Activities and artefacts strives to help you answer.

SprintThe Sprint is a container to limit ourselves to setting reasonable medium-term goals. What can we reasonably expect to accomplish by the end of the sprint? VisionHow will our efforts make the world a better place?Who needs our product and why?Why should we build it? Product BacklogWhat characteristics should our product have?What goals must we accomplish to achieve our vision? Backlog RefinementWhat could we do to get us closer to our vision?What small steps could take us nearer to our goal?How can we make the steps smaller and more likely of success? Sprint PlanningPart 1 - What is the best possible st…

What is a powerful question?

Have you ever noticed that some questions cause people to pause and think before answering, while others provoke an automatic, non-constructive response? What's the difference?
Powerful questions challenge you to think deeply and often help to get unstuck and find solutions to your difficult, challenging problems.
At the Product Owner Camp #POcampCH in Sursee Agile Filmakers extrrodinaires Karen Greaves and Sam Laing led our group through the creation of a short educational video on Powerful Questions.

In one hour, we learned about Powerful Questions, the 4-C's teaching method, (Connection, Content, Concrete Examples and Conclusions) and how to make an attractive educational video.

Thanks to Karen and Sam, plus Deb Hartmann, Véronique Hyde, and Yves Bertrand for a great collaborative learning experience!