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Joe Justice + Peter Stevens: Certified Scrum Master for Management and Manufacturing

with Joe Justice &Peter Stevens Scrum beyond Software: Applying Scrum to Manufacturing and Management. Are you enjoying what Scrum Project Management is doing for your software delivery teams? How about sharing some of that success with your sales, marketing, and public relations staff, and your HR, legal, and finance teams? And your hardware development and manufacturing managers?

Learn all about how your entire company can achieve 10x typical  velocities with Peter Stevens, the pioneer of Scrum in Switzerland, and Joe Justice, the founder of Team WIKISPEED. Join us for a special event in Zurich:

May 28 and 29: Certified ScrumMaster Training for Management and Beyond

Read the detailed information (here)!
Sign up for the course (here)
And be sure to join us for a beer on Thursday to talk about WIKISPEED, Stoos and Making the whole company Agile... (find out more here)

Stoos, Lean, Agile & Scrum Events in Switzerland - April/May

I have long published upcoming Scrum Breakfasts either on my blog or in my newsletter. As the community gets bigger, it is hard to keep track of what is happening. So I will now publish here everything I am aware of. If it proves to be a popular feature, I will expand on it, maybe make a real calendar...

Do have an event which belongs here? Let me know by submitting your event here.

Updated on April 22, 2013

Want your event on this list? Click here.
Lean Startup
Zurich - 22.4.2013TBD:
discuss how to Build your MVPRegister
mapswissICT Scrum Breakfast
Bern - 24.4.2013Ralph Jocham:
Agile Portfolio-based Release TrainsRegister
mapStoos Network
Zurich - 25.4.2013Kurt Schär:
Gegensätze als ErfolgsfaktorRegister
mapswissICT Scrum Breakfast
Zurich - 8.5.2013Jiri Lundak:
Einmal agil, für immer agil?Register
mapswissICT Scrum Breakfast
Basel - 15.5.2013Rainer Hiss:
Projekt-Priorisierung auf Basis eines Kanban-orientierten Pipeline BoardsRegister
mapswissICT Scrum Breakfast
Lucerne - 16.5.2013Philipp Engstl…

An Evening with Joe and Peter

My last customer event was to inaugurate my training room last October. It's time for another one!

Joe Justice will be in town this May to co-teach our CSM Course: Scrum in Management and Manufacturing (sign-up for the course here).

After the course, we will have a free public event.

Besides networking, Joe & I will talk about WIKISPEED, Stoos, applying Agile values to the rest of the organization, and the importance of beer in changing the world.

Space is limited, and we look forward to seeing you!

Here are the details:
What: An evening with Joe and Peter on WIKISPEED, Stoos, Agile in the Organization, and BeerWhen: May 30, 2013Where: Training Room "zum Talgarten", Am Wasser 94, 8049 ZurichDoors open - 18.30Presentation - 19.30 or soDoors close - whenever Admission is free but space is limited. Registration is required. If you register please come. If you can't come, please cancel. We request a donation of CHF 10.-- or more for project WIKISPEED.Update: The eve…

Course discounts for swissICT members

Back in 2008, I started the Scrum Breakfast community and quickly saw that it needed a home in the Swiss IT community. In 2009, the swissICT became that home in what became known as the the Lean Agile Scrum working group. The swissICT has been a great home -- Scrum, Agile, Lean and related practices have thrived! Today, a core team of 25 people organize five monthly breakfasts throughout Switzerland and a major conference once per year! (see swissICT event program)

I am pleased to announce a cooperation between my company and the swissICT. All swissICT members qualify for a 20% discount off the early-bird price to all my Certified Scrum courses in Zürich. Just include the discount code LAS-swissICT in your registration. (jump to the Scrum course program).

New Scrum Course Program Announced

Inspect and Adapt; Learn and Delight. Simple mantras keep us focused on the right things. My course program reflects these principles.

I extended and adapted my course program, based on feedback from my participants. What are the most biggest questions and requested improvement?
How do I apply this to my company?How do I get management on board?This course needs more time to cover the materialI need a course in German To address the requests, I have updated my course program:
CSM/Scrum in Management and Manufacturing - together with Joe Justice, I will be teaching a Certified Scrum Master course on applying Scrum beyond Software - get your management on board, get the rest of the organization agile! Book Now - course date May 28 & 29, 2013 (see more info, register )Certified Scrum Product Owner Courses - after Summer Break these will be a three day class so you can get beyond the basics of Scrum and focus on how to Leading Innovation effectively! (see more inforegister ) Certified…

Change Management or Change Leadership?

I don't like the the term "Change Management." I think it is an oxymoron. Management implies control. Change implies chaos. These are diametric opposites. Change is unpredictable. I think this implicit conflict between wanting change and wanting to stay in control is the reason that changing an organization is so difficult.

I believe you can lead change, inspire change or unleash change. IMHO, trying to manage change means you will fail. ( See also The Deadliest Sin of Change Leadership ).

What does this difference mean for change managers?

I was once recommended a video on change management, and the essential message was understanding how people react to change based on the Kübler-Ross Model, better know as the five phases of grief. My first reaction was WTF!? But then I realized this kind of reaction is a) probably quite widespread, and b) a consequence of one group people doing the thinking ("managers"), and another group…

A failed Sprint Review

Do your sprints look anything like this:
In Sprint Planning 1, the team commits to implementing 8 stories and fixing 2 bugs (open issues identified in the previous Sprint Review).During the week -- our sprints last one week -- from the Product Owner's perspective, everything seems very quiet. The virtual task board is showing no movement. No builds are forthcoming. No calls or questions either.Friday before the Sprint Review there is some pickup of activity. Monday, 1 hour before the Sprint Review, a build becomes available. Theoretically, everything is done. You download the build. Start to test the functions. Crash. Try again. Another crash. Hmm. What can I test without causing a crash?In the Sprint Review - we go through the 10 stories and bugs. The Review lasted 2 1/2 hours for a one week sprint.  The bugs had been fixed. 2 of the 6 stories were implemented and are done. The remaining 4 stories were not done and had to go back on the backlog (and yes, I did put them into the ne…