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Scrum Glossary: 62 Scrum Related Terms in 50 Words or Less (each)

In my Intense Certified Scrum Master training, we dive in right away with using Scrum to learn Scrum. People swim a bit at the beginning until they start to figure things out. That's intentional - as people see they can get past the chaos and quickly create something cool and useful, that's when they learn deep down in their gut that Scrum really works.

I always ask for suggestions to improve the course, and item which has come up repeatedly is a glossary of terms. So here it is! 62 Scrum-related terms in 50 words or less:

TermMeaningAcceptance CriteriaTests which must pass for the Product Owner or customer to consider the Story accepted. The Team should verify these before submitting a story to the PO for final approval. Acceptance tests help ensure External Quality. Product Backlog Items can usually be mapped to one or more Acceptance Criteria.AgileA movement for finding better ways of developing software. Scrum and Extreme Programming are two leading examples. Others, such …