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How do you do Scrum in a regulated environment?

I hear this question often from people in the pharmaceutical branch, air traffic control, banking and finance - any place where strict regulatory compliance is required, and it came up again at my last CSM course.

Regulated environments are complex, both because of the regulations themselves and the high risks associated with the domain being regulated, which means that Scrum is well suited to developing products in this sector. Let's look at Scrum's building blocks, some objections to using Scrum in a regulated environment, and then, using traceability as an example, let's look at how Scrum can be used to address a regulatory requirement.
Building blocks Scrum is designed for solving complex problems as a team, without defining any domain-specific process. Scrum gives you several building blocks to ensure that your delivered product meets all of the necessary requirements:

The Product Backlog, a planning instrumentThe Definition of Done, an agreement to ensure quality, The…

Join Stoos Connect in Zurich

...or around the world!!

Join Dan Pink, Steve Denning, Joe Justice, Franz Röösli, Jurgen Appelo and many other speakers as we respond to the Stoos Communique.

It all started one year ago:
Reflecting on leadership in organizations today, we find ourselves in a bit of a mess. We see reliance on linear, mechanistic thinking, companies focusing more on stock price than delighting customers, and knowledge workers whose voices are ignored by the bosses who direct them. All these factors are reflected in the current economic crisis, increased inequity, bankruptcies and widespread disillusionment.

There has to be a better way.

We believe that we uncovered some of the common characteristics of that better way. For example, that organizations can become learning networks of individuals creating value and that the role of leaders should include the stewardship of the living rather than the management of the machine.

-- Stoos Communique, January 8, 2012 This message resonated! The Stoos Gathering…