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8 Questions for a Product Owner on Customer Delight

It's easy to talk about delighting the customer, but how do you really do it? As a Product Owner, it is your responsibility to create great products.  How do you take this philosophy and transform it into competitive advantage for your company or your project?

During our workshop, "Making the Whole Organization Agile," Steve Denning lead the participants through a series of exercises and role plays: 12 Practices of Customer Delight. I decided to participate this time around, and reflected on how I could improve my own business. I was stunned at the ideas I was able to produce. I'll come to that at some point...

Here are first 8 questions Steve in our Delight the Customer workshop:

1. What is your goal? As a product owner, you should always be clear on this. It can however be helpful to challenge your ideas. Think of an idea for a product or service. Is this a new idea or an extension of an existing product or service? If its a new product, try to think of an ex…

Agile Management: An Idea who's time has come?

I just saw that the CIO of General Electric is being quoted by the Wall Street Journal that their software development process is Agile. Wow! If nothing else, we can now say that Agile is officially on management's radar.

One of my favorite tools for monitoring trends is google Insight for Search. Let's look at how Agile Management and Agile Software Development compare:

Where once software development dominated the discussions around Agility, it looks like the focus is shifting to management, which, in my mind is where it should be. Development groups can create islands of common sense in the middle of the chaos that is there organization, but to really focus on delighting the customer, the whole organization has to be on the same page. That means management, especially top management.