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Reminder: Scrum Breakfast in December: Sammichlaus

Soon it will be Christmas, and Santa Clause will be making a stop in Altstetten and wants to hear some good IT stories: What have you experienced in your projects this year? Share your Facts, True Facts, Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics about Lean, Scrum and your success or failure with either. 

The Scrum Breakfast im December, 2010 offers you a chance to report your experiences and share them with each other. St. Nick would like short, 5 minutes stories. He and the other participants will listen attentively and distribute nuts and mandarin oranges (or perhaps coal and onions, as appropriate ;-).

For the planning, please let know what you plan to talk about and bring your presentation on a USB Memory Stick. And of course, interested listeners without a talk are welcome too (and will even get some nuts and mandarins)!

When: December 1, 8.00 to 11.00 
Where: SwissICT, Vulkanstrasse 120, Zürich
Register: at SwissICT (and remember to email

Switzerland Lean and Scrum Course Program 2011

At long last, I am pleased to announce our course plan for the first half of 2011 in Switzerland:

As in 2010, Peter Beck, Andreas Schliep and I will offer a regular program of practical Certified Scrum Trainings in Switzerland: CSM/Jumpstarts in Zürich and Bern, CSPO in Zürich and advanced courses for experienced ScrumMasters to sharpen their understanding of Scrum:
CSM/Advanced is now called CSM for Scrum Professionals and lasts three days instead of two. We found two days was not enough to review the basics and explore advanced topics. It also reflects the emerging guidelines for the new CSP1/CSP2 certifications. So there is a new description and of course a new price.
We are proud to announce a new course: Team Leadership Skills for Scrum Professionals  -- a course for left-brained professionals on using their right brain to lead their teams to success -- led by Peter Beck and Dr. Siegfried Kaltenecker. July 7 & 8.  …

Quick poll: How many stories in the sprint?

Recently I wrote that a good number of stories per sprint would be about 10 to 20 stories per sprint. A comment asked me the source, and I couldn't really say. Let's just say, it arose from conversations at various Agile conferences and/or email discussions.

On reading David Anderson's Kanban book, he quoted a private conversion (the inventor of the user story whose name I will insert later) claiming data suggesting that stories are typically completed within 0.6 and 4 days.

So my question: how many stories do you take on? How big is too big? How successful are your teams? Please answer the poll, publicize it, tweet and re-tweet and whatever, so we get a broad based response and maybe we can learn something about the size of the stories and the success of the teams.

Here is the poll, and here are the up to the minute results of the poll on Story Size.


CSM/Advanced - Reloaded

For the next CSM/Advanced course, Andreas Schliep & I have refocused this course, in particular clarifying -- or should I say "raising" -- the prerequisites and tuning the course content so that only experienced Scrum users come to the course.

The CSM/Advanced course is an opportunity for experienced ScrumMasters and Product Owners to solidify their understanding of Scrum, improve their skills and explore advanced topics. Unlike our CSM/Jumpstart, no time is spent "spoon feeding" the basics of Scrum.

Participants are expected to a have a good understanding of Scrum and practical experience applying Scrum. Unlike most CSM Courses, the CSM/Advanced focuses on the participants role as an agent of change in their organizations. CSM/Advanced is ideal for experienced Scrum professionals who want to improve their ability to apply Scrum to challenging real-life situations.

Next Steps:
CSM/Advanced Course Description (in English)CSM/Advanced Course Description (in Ge…