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Lean Leadership with Tom & Mary Poppendieck

I am again pleased to sponsor the Lean Agile Scrum Conference in Zurich and to enable a workshop led by important thought leaders in our domain.

Just after the conference, Keynote speakers Mary & Tom Poppendieck will offer their new course in Switzerland, Leading Lean Software Development. Lean Software Development combines two successful approaches to management: "Lean" -- well known for its impact in the manufacturing sector (and familiar to management through their business school training) -- and Agile -- which, especially in the form of Scrum and despite unfamiliar terminology and guiding principles, has become quite widespread in the software sector.

In this management retreat at the idyllic Seminar Hotel Unterhof on the Rhine, leaders will learn why "Results are not the point." Success comes from people, and creating a system so that your people can achieve successful results is the point.

Special Early Bird Pricing:

Conference participants will get a 1…

Scrum Breakfast/May Agile Methods in a Global, Regulated Environment

International, virtual teams are more the rule than the exception in Software Development Projects. Customers, Suppliers and Development Partners come together for a project, separate and regroup in a new form for the next project. Further, such projects are often confronted with strict regulatory requirements. These start with requirements for documentation and may include prescriptive definitions of how to develop the software and manage the application.

How can you optimally use an agile approach within this strict legislative context? What makes sense? What problems can you expect?

Ralph Dröge, Senior Consultant at Liance GmbH in Kaiseraugst, will examine these questions based on his project experience.

When: May 5, 2010,
Where: SwissICT, Vulkanstrasse 120, Zürich-Altstetten
Registration: SwissICT

The Zero WIP Moment: Achieving the Point of Maximum Agility?

Recently, I asked myself, "What does it mean for a company to be agile?" and came to the conclusion that "Agility is the ability to change your mind intelligently, based on new information."

Why is the Waterfall so cumbersome, so un-agile, and why are companies stuck in the waterfall? One reason is Work in Progress. Let's take the example of a large services company which provides its services to other large, institutional customers. A typical such organization might have:
Sales Department - they sell service contractsPre-Sales/Engineering Department - they determine the business requirements and write specifications for custom developmentSoftware Development Department - they write the softwareQuality Assurance Department - they protect the company from disasterOperations Department - they deploy, uh, working software (and Development babysits the system until it really works). Sales is selling services which the development team will work on, say, a year from …

Scrum at Six Card Solutions (or why I think managers are needed in Scrum)

Six Card Solutions belongs to the earlier adopters among Swiss Financial Institutions deploying Scrum. They started rolling out Scrum among their 80 developers in Zurich last Summer (2009). So, how did it go?

Christoph Loher (Product Owner) and Stefan Kinigadner (ScrumMaster) were the leaders of the first team to transition to Scrum at Six's Development Group Zurich. The organization presented to usual challenges one expects when trying to transition one team to a cross-functional Scrum in a company that is organized on function division. Despite this challenge, the team was able to achieve a pretty good Scrum (based on Henrik Kniberg's Scrum Checklist).

One problem in particular stood out: As the project unfolded, the team grew. This was a relic of the classical project planning. At some point, the team became unwieldy - 12 people or so - and performance stagnated. The P-O wanted to split the team in two. Although they talked about it in several retrospectives, the team was n…

LAS Conference CFP -Submission Deadline postponed until April 30

Due to the realities of Swiss school holidays (and their indirect impact on the organizers ), we have postponed the submission deadline for the Lean Agile Scrum Conference in Zurich to April 30.

We have already received several good proposals, but still need some more, particularly for the tutorials. In the name of the conference committee, I'd like to encourage to submit talks about your experiences connecting the agile team to create a lean enterprise!

To the CfP in English and German.

Last Minute Auction: On-Site Certified ScrumMaster Course on eBay

Necessity is the mother of invention. Peter Hundermark and I had planned an exchange of experiences. He and I would co-teach a pair of CSM courses, one in Geneva, Switzerland and one in Capetown, South Africa.

Well, the course in Geneva did not really sell, so what's the plan B? Usually customers want in-house training on very short notice, but most Scrum Trainers are booked two or three months in advance.

So we decided to cancel the public training and offer a company training on the same date via eBay. Result: we sold the course! An interesting experiment, which helped us out of a difficult situation. And I learned a lot in the process. Look for more auctions in the future...

If you would like Scrum Training in Switzerland, check out our course page. If you would like a in-house course, you can contact me on my contact page.