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That Was the Year That Was

I’ve promisedmyself I would actually take some vacation this week, and fortunatelywith small children in the house, it’s actually possible to doso! So, before the kids wake up, a blitz retrospective: High Points,Low Points and Potential for Improvement in 2009.
High PointsBecoming an independent Scrum Trainer and Coach. I really want my customers to say thank you for the work I do for them -- while I am not averse to getting paid, a satisfied customer is what makes it all worthwhile.
Scrum Breakfast Community became the Swiss ICT Lean Agile Scrum Group. I figured as a one man show, I could never mount a “real” marketing campaign, so instead, I set out to build a community. This community helps build acceptance for Scrum (and by implication, my services). But a community only functions effectively if it the community belongs to its members. And when it does, it takes on a life of its own!
Quick Polls on my blog. I started doing them because they were good for getting attention. I like to …