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Scrum Breakfast/Dec/Project Lighting Beacons

Once again, we are pleased to welcome to the Scrum Breakfast in Zurich speakers from abroad with real world experience introducing Scrum into large organizations.

Christoph "Krishan" Mathis and Simon Roberts will describe their approach to Enterprise Scrum based on their experiences introducing Scrum in traditional organizations in the UK and Germany. They will touch on the following topics during the talk:
How to use the original unmodified Scrum frameworkHow to augment Scrum by specific best practices for project chartering, agile engineering and embedding into the needs of corporate governance and control.How the introduction of Scrum inevitably has an impact on an organization’s culture, leadership style, job definitions etc.Scaling ScrumManaging the transition to Scrum from a change management perspectivePitfalls and key success factors for a successful transition Using a metaphor of “Lighting Beacons” to describe their approach, they will tell the story of how they intr…


I am always happy when a customer says 'Thank you'. It's actually my top objective when I give a course or take on a consulting assignment.

Anton Schultschik took my course Agile Project Management for Scrum Teams a few months ago, and this is what he had to say about it:

If the image is jumpy, here is a low resolution version. And a German language version.

Thank you, Anton for taking the time to produce such a special recommendation!