Monday, December 17, 2012

10 Myths about Scrum

I recently introduced Sharon Bowman's Myth or Fact exercise to my Scrum courses - it has proven to be very a popular way to explore Scrum. Last week in Brussels, we took it a step further - I asked the participants to identify their Myths around Scrum. Here is their list. What do you think, Myth or Fact?

  1. Scrum is easy to implement.
  2. Scrum helps you recognize problems
  3. If you do not apply Scrum 100%, you cannot be successful with Scrum.
  4. Scrum can only be applied for time-and-material projects.
  5. Scrum is only for team players
  6. Scrum will solve any problem
  7. Scrum is inflexible
  8. Scrum always works
  9. Scrum is a revolution
  10. Scrum gets easier over time
In my humble opinion, 1 is fact if everyone wants to implement it, 2 is a fact, 3 and 9 are debatable (and probably depend on your definition), and everything else is a myth. What do you think?


Philipp said...

Hi Peter

Like everything else we are getting better while practicing. So number 10 is surely a fact to me. The more we use it the easier it will become to organize and orchestorate our products with the ideas of scrum.

BR, Philipp