Friday, October 14, 2011


Shortly after the Lean Agile Scrum Conference, DasScrumTeam announced that I will be leaving the company, effective end of December. Here is an extract of that email (translated):
We, DasScrumTeam AG, established our company in 2009 and started successfully together. Our training and coaching structure meets the needs of our customers and our Certified Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner training sessions are very popular. With the knowledge that the basic values ​​and practical aspects of Scrum correspond well to the requirements of a modern enterprise, we are very motivated to share our know-how with our customers. We do not forget to also expand our own knowledge.

Peter Stevens is traveling in the near future for several months in the U.S. to be active in the exciting and important areas of Radical Management. So he will leave DasScrumTeam AG at the end of September. Besides his own training and consulting assignments, Peter served as Managing Director and was responsible for marketing and sales as well as for building the business organization. His excellent work made it possible to launch DasScrumTeam. As Peter always fulfilled his duties with full power and this won't be possible during his period in the U.S., he left our company. Peter Stevens will be working in the U.S. with the respected expert in the field of radical management, Steve Denning. We are convinced that Peter will come back to Europe with many exciting experiences and a great deal of new knowledge.

I will be in Switzerland until Mid January. After that, my family and I will travel for 6 months to the USA and we plan to be back in time for the 2011/2012 school year. At that time I will be again focusing on bringing the values, principles and practices of Scrum and Radical Management back to Switzerland.

BTW - for the moment, you can contact me at my old sierra-charlie mail address, or use the contact form.


Walter Schaerer said...

Enjoy your time overseas!

BTW, I published a summary of Steve Denning's Zurich speech here

And David Anderson's Kanban speech is here

Good luck!

Peter said...

Hi Walter,

Thanks! And also for the excellent logs of the keynotes!

Here they are as clickable links:

Steve Denning - Making the Whole Company Agile

David Anderson - Kanban Explained!