Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Changes to DasScrumTeam Course Program for the Fall

In a few days, we at DasScrumTeam will announce our Swiss course program for the fall. We are planning 4 courses in Zürich (including 2 CSPO's) and 3 in Bern (including 1 CSPO). My partners, Andreas Schliep, Peter Beck and I decided to take this opportunity to make some improvements to our course program.

Here is a summary of the changes:
  • Consistant naming of all courses. "Jumpstart" now refers to entry level Scrum courses, so we have:
    • Certified ScrumMaster/Jumpstart -- in Switzerland, this is our current practice; in Germany and Austria, these are new names.
    • Certified Scrum Product Owner/Jumpstart -- the Jumpstart name is now applied to CSPO courses as well.
  • There are no new dates for "CSM for Scrum Professionals." We plan to re-evaluate our advanced course concept in the context of new guidance from the certifying bodies.
  • Our CSM/Jumpstart course will become a 3 day course, like the CSPO. We made this change because our participants repeatedly asked for more time for questions, more in-depth handling of more topics and more time for lunch and coffee breaks. That certain certifying organizations seem to prefer 3 day courses confirmed our decision.
  • Starting in January, 2012, these changes will apply to our courses in Germany and Austria as well.
What do these changes mean for courses that have already been published? Nothing. Published courses remain exactly as they are. Only new courses courses will be announced as 3 day "/Jumpstart" courses. The dates, descriptions and prices of existing courses remain as they are.

The prices for CSM/Jumpstart and CSPO/Jumpstart in Switzerland will be CHF 2'700 (early booker) and 2'950 regular price. Compared to our current CSPO prices, the early-booker prices are reduced by CHF 100. There is not VAT on public courses in Switzerland.

In Germany and Austria, the corresponding prices are €1'900 and €2'100. Again, the early booker price have been lowered by €150 compared to the current CSPO prices. Prices exclude VAT.