Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quick poll: How many stories in the sprint?

Recently I wrote that a good number of stories per sprint would be about 10 to 20 stories per sprint. A comment asked me the source, and I couldn't really say. Let's just say, it arose from conversations at various Agile conferences and/or email discussions.

On reading David Anderson's Kanban book, he quoted a private conversion (the inventor of the user story whose name I will insert later) claiming data suggesting that stories are typically completed within 0.6 and 4 days.

So my question: how many stories do you take on? How big is too big? How successful are your teams? Please answer the poll, publicize it, tweet and re-tweet and whatever, so we get a broad based response and maybe we can learn something about the size of the stories and the success of the teams.

Here is the poll, and here are the up to the minute results of the poll on Story Size.