Sunday, March 21, 2010

On-Site Certified ScrumMaster Course on eBay

Necessity is the mother of invention. Peter Hundermark and I are planning an exchange of experiences. He and I will co-teach a pair of CSM courses, one in Geneva, Switzerland and one in Capetown, South Africa.

Well, the course in Geneva is not really selling, so what's the plan B? Usually customers want in-house training on very short notice, but most Scrum Trainers are booked two or three months in advance. And then there are the price discussions...

So we decided to cancel the public training and offer a company training on the same date via eBay:
Certified ScrumMaster Course in Europe 15/16 April 2010
The starting price is rather below market prices and the notice is rather short. We are really curious to see how this works. If you need a course soon, just go bid on it!