Monday, March 8, 2010

My Philosophy, Sharpened at the Scrum Gathering

The day before the Scrum Gathering officially starts: I had a great talk with CSC Bob Hartman about Books, training techniques and the importance of values to a person or organization.
  • Quoting from 'the Last Lecture': Tell the Truth. 
  • To which Bob would add: All the Time. 
  • And I would prepend: Live your values! 
Tell the Truth is about Honesty and Openness and is the basis for effective communication. All the time demands an atmosphere of Trust and Courage.

This for me is what Scrum is about. In my life, I have never gotten into trouble as long as I was staying close to my values. Lose sight of them, and bad news! IMHO, these are the problems that led to the fissure in the Scrum Alliance last fall, and also caused Toyota the problems that they are having now.

When I ask myself, what do I do as a coach? I teach people to apply these three principles:
Live your values. Tell the truth. All the time.
And that they don't need to be afraid of doing so.


Bob Hartman said...

Peter, thanks for capturing our conversation. Only one correction - I didn't add "all the time" The original context was Randy Pausch anwering the question "what 3 words of advice would you tell people?" (or something like that) and his response was "tell the truth." He added that if he had 3 more words he would say "all the time."