Saturday, October 24, 2009

Italian Agile Day (and Scrum Workshop) in Bologna

The Italian Agile Day 2009 is the sixth edition of the free conference dedicated to Agile methods for development and management of software projects like eXtreme Programming, Scrum, Feature Driven Development, DSDM, Crystal and Lean Software Development.

I am honored and pleased to support their efforts as a Key Note speaker. My talk will be about Fixed Price Projects and Agile - It can be done!
What: Italian Agile Day
Organizers: Italian Agile Movement
Where: Bologna
When: November 20, 2009

Registration (more in English than Italian):
I believe in supporting the community, so I try to speak at communityevents (like this or the Agile Tour in Luxembourg) when asked, andgenerally without charge. This is a free event, so they are asking for donations to offset the costs of the event. Please contribute!

Just before the Agile Day, Alberto Brandolini and I are organizing a one day Scrum Workshop to help people discover Scrum:
Scrum today is becoming the leading agile management practice, helpingcompanies to develop software more effectively, helping developers toimprove their technical skills, and helping everyone to have more funon the job. But what is Scrum? How does it work? How does it relate toother practices such as Lean or Extreme Programming? And mostimportantly, why does it work?

This one day workshop is particularly geared to:
  • Developers and Testers who want to apply Extreme Programming or other Agile Practices at work
  • Managers and Project Managers who want their software teams to be more effective (and are willing to change themselves to achieve this goal)
  • Business Analysts, Business Development Managers and other customer roles who need software that meets their objectives
Language: Mixture of English and Italian. I speak both.

Where: Bologna (probably at the conference hotel, but not yet 100% certain)
When: November 19, 2009, 9.00 to 17.30
Cost: €500 / Agile Day Participants €400
Information and Registration for this Scrum Workshop in Bologna
So bring your boss, and I look forward seeing you at the Agile Day and / or our Scrum Workshop!