Sunday, April 5, 2009

Scrum Jumpstart Course in Bern, May 7 & 8

Have you ever wished for a Scrum course closer to home? I realized that almost all of the participants in this week's Scrum Jumpstart course are from Bern. This got me thinking, "Gee, maybe Zürich is not the only place where people want a Scrum Course!"

Step 1: Let's hold a course in Bern. Step 2: Where else should I hold a course?

Scrum Jumpstart in Bern

Next month, I have scheduled the highly recommended Scrum Jumpstart Course in Bern. May 7 & 8 at Digicomp at the Bern Main Train Station. This replaces the CSM course which was planned in Zürich for May 3 & 4, but had which to be cancelled due to a scheduling conflict. If you want a Certified Scrum Master Course, Ken Schwaber's CSM course in June is a unique opportunity.

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Tomorrow, I'll post a doodle poll about other course locations.