Friday, March 20, 2009

From Pointy Haired Boss to ScrumMaster

Why doesn't everybody do Scrum?
This is my favorite question to see on the feedback forms after a public talk about Scrum. It showed up again after yesterday's talk to the SAQ (Swiss Association for Quality) annual meeting yesterday in Olten. 

My talk, "From Pointy Haired Boss to ScrumMaster" is available for download.

I also mentioned some useful links:
I like doing these "Tech Talk," "Brown-Bag"  or "Do Food" style events for companies and organizations. If you would like a speaker to talk to your company or group about Scrum, just drop me a line. If I have time and you're not too far away, I'm happy to come. I usually do it for free and everybody has a good time and gets excited about Scrum. Just drop me a line if your interested!


Kevin E. Schlabach said...

I love the idea on slide 17 about the light bulb vs. laser.

I worry though about the managers that prefer the light bulb...

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