Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Google'd ergo Sum

Traffic referred by Search Engines 
June 16 to July 9, 2008

I can be google'd, therefore I exist.

12 days ago, google delisted my blog from their index. No warning, no comment, no explanation. But the effects were immediate and dramatic. And no suggestions on how to get back in their good graces.

I got some help on LinkedIn - the most important of which was a suggestion to submit a request for reconsideration through Google web tools. It worked; 4 days after submitting the request, my site is once again receiving search traffic.

Of the web sites to which I have access to statistics, about 95% of visits from search engines originate from Google. was no exception. Just how important is Google to today's web site?

The questions for this week's poll (admitedly off-topic, but I can't resist):
  1. How much of your traffic in last 30 days originated from search engines?
  2. How much of that search engine traffic originated from google?


jp said...

Hi Peter

total from search engines: 583
from google search engine: 566

Analysis - all search engines
Analysis - google search engine

From my point of view i can't reproduce your statements.

Cheers, jp

Peter said...

Your stats confirm my statements exactly!

566 (google) / 583(all) = 97.08% google.

How much search engine traffic would you have without google? 17. Essentially none!

Cheers, Peter

Anonymous said...

I just answered your poll. For the record, I'd guess that 50% to 75% of our traffic comes from search engines. We have a lot of written content and do well in this regard. Also, I estimated that 90% to 95% of that traffic comes from Google specifically, which represents a recent drop from Yahoo that we noticed.

Artem Marchenko said...

Your blog is rather young, there is little surprise that small amount of sites noticed it yet. Search engine traffic share will always stay high (because that's what people use, when they want to find content), but it will decrease over time and I consider the amount of non-SE traffic being quite a good indication of the level of the blog authority.

On my site, for example, the SE traffic share decreased significantly during the last year (while growing in absolute numbers).

As for Google domination. Well, it possesses 60%+ of the general SE market share, doesn't it? Geeks and people interested about programming add to this baseline + Google is often the first one to identify new promising sites.