Monday, June 9, 2008

Quick Poll: Scrum Training Needs

Since the last Quick Poll (Nokia Test) showed most teams not really doing Scrum, the question arises, how do companies see their need for Scrum training?

Presently most Scrum Training is organized as a kind of Guild. The first step is to become a Certified Scrum Master, this is the basis for all the higher ratings, the most important of which is Certified Scrum Trainer. CST's are authorized to train CSM's. As I write this, there are some 25'000 CSMs, but only 54 CST's. (Among other requirements, a CST must have been a CSM or better for 5 years).

The core of the program is the CSM training, but most trainers are offer additional courses for specific niches. As far as I know, Boris Gloger, Andreas Schliep, Joseph Pelrine and Roman Pichler are the only German speaking CST's (and even they do not offer all of their public courses in German).

So the question arises, does this offering meet the demand? What are the needs of your company for Scrum related training?

I've put together a list of alternatives — somewhat tailored to the needs of companies in my home country of Switzerland — please check all that apply in the list to the right.

My/my company's training needs include:
  • Certified Scrum Training for Scrum Masters
  • Lower cost, non-certified Training for Team members
  • Getting Started Workshops
  • Advanced Workshops for Experienced Scrum Masters
  • Agile Estimate and Planning
  • Agile Contracting
  • Lean Strategy Workshops for top managment
  • XP (SW Engineering) courses for developers and testers
  • Open courses to train a few individuals
  • On Site (company) training for an entire team
  • Web based training (webinars)
  • Podcasts
  • Training in English
  • Training in German
  • Training in French
  • Training in other language
  • English is OK
  • English is not OK
  • my company doesn't need agile training
  • don't know/don't care
Privacy: while I am not uninterested in the results of this poll, the polling software doesn't record information about individual voters (or if it does, it doesn't tell me about it). So I won't be contacting you on the basis of your vote (unless you actively contact me).

As usual, I will summarize the results after the poll closes.

[Update - I made a multiplication error, there are only some 25'000 CSMs, not 250'000 as previously reported. Furthermore, the Scrum Alliance has changed the requirements for becoming a CST. More in a future blog entry. ]


Anonymous said...

I do feel that you will gain a lot from having a trainer doing the training in your native tongue. Boris was the guy that certified me many years ago and even though my English is a second tongue learned from when I was 4 years on, it still was good to do it in German. As Austrian I would be more than happy to become a CST, I simply have not gopne through the process because I do not feel it is fair. The ScrumAliance still has not come up with a certification program which convinces me. Instead I feel people can learn _exactly_ the same values from a non-certified course, as long as it is being held by somone that is known to the community.