Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Juli Scrum Breakfast in Zürich:
Scrum? That will never work here!

The series of reports from the trenches continues at the Scrum Breakfast in Zürich. François Bachmann, one of Switzerland's most experienced Scrum Masters will give us a preview of his talk at the Agile 2008 in Toronto. He will talk about the challenges that companies face, when they elect for Scrum:
Scrum is not a Methodology Module, that can simply be plugged into a company. Adopting an agile approach is accompanied by profound changes for the Teams, Process and even the corporate culture. Change & Risk Management, Team Responsibility, Transparency and Learning Organizations are transformed from Buzzwords into routine for every staff member.

This talk will show how companies approach the introduction of Scrum, what challenges result and how these can be utilized to best advantage. Concrete examples from my experience introducing Scrum into Organizations will ensure that this talk doesn't get stuck in the theory....
Just like at every Scrum Breakfast, we expect the discussions after the talk will assure a vibrant information exchange and stimulating learning experience.

Location: namics zürich, konradstrasse 12/14, 8005 Zürich
Date: 2. July 2008
Time: Doors open at 8.00, Talk starts at 8.35, Finish by 10.00 (once again "Breakfast"-Time!!)

Registration throgh Xing the Contact Page.