Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CH Open Source Award 2008

The Swiss Open System User Group (/ch/open) announced the CH Open Source Award 2008. Prizes will be awarded in 5 categories:
  • Swissness - OSS Project with essential Swiss participation
  • Business - FOSS Service Company, which supports FOSS Projects
  • Pioneer - a Company or Public Instituion which leads by example in the use of FOSS
  • Advocacy - a Person who has made a special contribution to the development of FOSS
  • Youth - a Person still in school who has engaged himself for OSS in an educational context
Participation is open to people and organizations that live in, go to school in switzerland or have a significant presence in Switzerland.

I have been a member of /ch/open "forever" and am honored to serve on the Jury.

Application deadline is June 27, 2008. You can apply on line or contact Andreas Heer directly.